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A slot machine’s return per player is its payout rate. The RTP is an evaluation index. After reading this post, you will understand the importance of choosing a fair RTP on slots. To go straight to the point, you can get the best odds of winning on video slots with an RTP of about 97%. These games have the best payouts and give you the best chances to win big.

RTP, a crucial factor

The payout rate indicates whether a slot pays often or not. If we take the case of a profitable slot machine like Dragon Dance, we see that its RTP is 97.5%. With this game, the casino’s advantage is 2.5% (100% – 97.5%). That means 97.5% of the bets are redistributed. However, this does not mean that for every dollar bet the player receives 97.5% in return. In general, the money that players bet on a slot machine is paid out randomly. So, overall, there are winners and losers. The trick to winning is knowing how to stop betting when someone hits the jackpot. That makes all the difference! It’s one of the best tricks to win. Also, playing on RTP slots with high payouts is our best advice as long as they have big jackpots.

Slot machine that pays the best

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance slot machine is featured in the most profitable online casinos. That’s why more and more Canadians are trying their luck on the Internet. If this slot appeals to you, it is in the catalogue of the sites displayed on our free bonus offers page. Casino bonuses give you the perfect opportunity to test proven RTP slots.


A slot’s RTP is calculated over 30 days. This calculation is the ratio between the total bets and the money paid out. The important thing to remember is that the luckiest players win all the money, and the others lose everything. Also, the casino takes its profit margin (100% – the RTP rate).

Classification of RTP rates

What’s the best RTP? And which slot machine pays the most? Here on Legal Online Casino Site we believe that a goof RTP is between 96% and 97.5%, and never above 98%. Of course, the pots have to be high for the game to be worthwhile.
To target the right games, you should avoid slots with RTPs that are too high! To tell the truth, games with payout rates of +98% are a sham. Why? Because their jackpots are ridiculously small.

RTP reference points

  1. Good: A high RTP is 96% or more, but never above 98%,
  2. OK: an average RTP is between 94% and 95.99%,
  3. Not good: an RTP below 94% is low,
  4. Bad: an RTP equal to or greater than 98%.

RTPs – Key indicators

Slots with good RTPs are the most popular. You can play these games for a long time with a bankroll. In comparison, progressive slots with giant jackpots pay less often. At the other end of the spectrum, there are progressive slots with RTPs of +98%. Players often win, but only tiny pots. The middle ground is video slots with RTPs of +97% +. These games offer jackpots that are worthy of Canada’s most honest online casinos. You can access slots like Dragon Dance on casino sites like these.

In short, we can see that a good RTP tells us a lot about the pots at stake. Choosing these games is the best way to take advantage of the best slot machine payout rates. In terms of odds, the best slot RTPs are those with +/- 97% rates and big jackpots.

Video slots

Among casino games with the best payouts, video slots are the most profitable. With payout rates close to 97%, they offer big jackpots. That’s what appeals to casino players in Toronto and other parts of the country the most.

Choosing balanced machine slots

We’ve tested every online slot on the market. We sorted the good from the bad to identify the most profitable slots. In addition to Dragon Dance, we have also selected three other slot machines. These games have RTPs of about 97% and jackpots of over CAD10,000. With high payout slot games of this level, you can win a lot of cash. And if you like to max bet, you can win over CAD100,000 on these slots.

1. Hot Ink – RTP 97.52%

This slot is one of the most profitable known to date. There are a lot of ways to win on this slot. In all, Hot Ink has 1024 payment lines.

Game fact sheet

Min. / max. bets0.50 to 125
Coin value0.01 – 0.25
Min. bet per spinCAD0.50
Max. bet per spinCAD125
Max win122,500 coins

Hot Ink - High Payout slot RTP rate

Play Hot Ink at Casino Action


2. Big Bad Wolf – RTP 97.35%

This online slot is inspired by the story of the big bad wolf and the three little pigs. Big Bad Wolf has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Winning combinations activate free spins and an X3 multiplier.

Table game

Min. / max. bets0.50 to 125
Coin value0.01 – 5.00
Min. bet per spinCAD0.25
Max. bet per spinCAD125
Max win75,000 coins

Big Bad Wolf - Honest redistribution rate; 97.35% payout

Play Big Bad Wolf at Golden Tiger


3. Thunderstruck 2 – RTP 97.11%

There are 243 ways to win on this high payout slot machine. The game is inspired by Norse mythology. The free spins in the “Grand Hall of Spins” are worth tens of thousands of dollars for the luckiest players.

Table game

Min. / max. bets0.3 to 15
Coin value0,01 to 0,05
Min. bet per spinCAD0.30
Max. bet per spinCAD15
Max win121,500 coins

Thunderstruck 2 - Slot with a +97% RTP rate

Play Thunderstruck 2 at Luxury Casino



A slot’s volatility is linked to its RTP. In fact, volatility indicates whether a slot pays often or not. The more volatile a slot machine is, the more it will pay out big jackpots, but spaced out over time. On the other hand, a low volatility slot often pays, but only small amounts of money. Between slots that pay often and those that pay rarely, there are the slots with medium volatility. These slots, which are the most popular among players, are in the category of the video slots shown above. Slot volatility can be divided into three groups. To differentiate these groups, we can compare them with RTPs. Broadly speaking, there are the slots with low volatility (RTP +98%), medium volatility (RTP 94% to 97%) and high volatility (RTP less than 94%).


Slot players are mainly looking for a good price/quality ratio. The goal is to have winning odds on casino slots to win big jackpots. Finding the best RTPs and favourable odds can be a challenge with slots. Fortunately, there are slot machines on the market that pay well. These games are on the most popular online casinos. And video slots show the best payout rates.

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RTP – Slot Machines with the Best Odds of Winning

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