Turnover of Online Casinos in Canada

Compared to brick and mortar casinos, online casinos are highly active in Canada. There is a huge number of online gamblers. And this phenomenon keeps growing every year. The statistics speak for themselves. And, the operators of Canada’s physical casinos are increasingly considering going online as much as possible. In Canada, according to data published in casino guides, approximately 65% of players choose to play online instead of going to a local casino.

Facts and figures

Not all online casinos publish their revenues in Canada. This is because online casinos are often private companies based abroad, and their owners often prefer to keep their results discreet. However, in the case of Canadian-based online casinos, or those listed on the stock exchange, these figures are public. Based on the most relevant accounting results, virtual casino turnovers in Canada reach nearly CAD 5 billion per year. And worldwide, this figure amounts to about US$100 billion annually. These figures are the ones observed between the years 2015 and 2019. They prove that online casinos are a heavyweight industry.

Casino game catalogue

Canadians mainly sign up at online casinos because they have the same games as land casinos. Whether it be online slots that pay well, table games or wheels of fortune, nowadays all good virtual casinos have these games. And for those who want to sit down at green carpet tables, they can play live thanks to live streaming options. In all, over 500 games are available in well-equipped online casinos. That’s huge, and it shows that casino sites are much better than real casinos. Another thing that consumers like is that online casinos have bonuses and free spins. These programs for new members are like gifts.

Online casino turnover has doubled thanks to mobile devices

Online casino gaming has taken off at an unprecedented rate since the arrival of mobile devices in 2007. Indeed, most casino sites allow you to play from a smartphone. Just like with a computer, you can play online with a smartphone or a tablet. The consumer craze for mobile devices has created a boom for online casinos. The figures published by operators reveal that the number of online gamers has doubled since Apple launched the first smartphone.

Above is the Yukon Gold Casino site. This online casino is one of the most representative on the mobile market in Toronto, and also in the largest cities in Canada. The user experience there is just as good as with a computer. All in all, everything has been designed to meet the demands of mobile device users. Compared to Toronto Casino’s gaming options, Yukon Gold’s mobile version offers a more user-friendly environment.

Real money online gambling

Online casinos offer modernized banking options for both deposits and cash outs. These options have even been adapted to mobile screens. In terms of security everything is top-notch thanks to casino operators’ know-how. The 128-bit SSL encryption protocol ensures optimal security on online casino banking pages. Banking is therefore safe. You can use credit and debit cards on these casino sites. You can also make bank transfers to and from personal bank accounts.

What does the Law say in Canada?

Canadian laws are relatively tolerant with consumers. In general, Canadians can choose to play without any constraints on casino sites. However, there are limits for casino operators. Indeed, they must comply with the regulations of every province. That’s why some Canadian online casinos are only available in specific provinces. This is particularly the case in Quebec (Quebec.ca) and Ontario (Ontario.ca). In the other provinces, however, the law does not allow casino owners to go online. These legal constraints do not impact the players. Generally speaking, you can play at the online casino of your choice no matter where you live in Canada. Whether the online casino is registered in Canada or elsewhere, it makes no difference.

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How Big are the Online Casinos in Canada?

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