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Launched in early 2019 in the UK, Online Casino Today (OCT) has become a reference in Canada. To find legitimate casino sites, OCT has it all. Already well loved by the British, this guide has managed to become one of the most popular Canadian guides. Indeed, OCT’s CA section has appealed to users in all ten provinces of the country. With a professional approach and helpful and detailed casino reviews, the Online Casino Today team has conquered North America. The guide features expert opinions that dissect the safest and most reliable remote casinos. In fact, the leitmotiv of OCT testers is to provide reviews and tests that list the best casinos.

OCT – From the UK to Canada

OCT’s dedicated copywriters have made this guide a major player on the Internet. Now, Canada can benefit from this UK added value. The enthusiasm of OCT’s staff is so great that it has allowed them to open new horizons. Today, the OCT guide is an unmistakable reference among Canada’s profitable online casinos.
OCT Canada - in depth online casino reviews

Launch in Canadian provinces

A true comparative guide in the UK – OCT is also a reference for reviews in Canada. Following the same quality standards in the British market, the guide has become one of the leading favourites among Canadians. Just like UK bookmakers, this guide wants to expand onto the Canadian casino market. By looking closely at the OCT team’s work, we can see that their development models are the same as those of the English guides.
Where OCT makes a difference is that the reviews in the guide go so far as to dissect every province in Canada. The guide gets the most attention from Ontario gamblers who prefer casino sites in Toronto.
Of course, the sites recommended on OCT follow the same restrictions as the land casinos, namely compliance with the minimum age law and good conduct with respect to morals.

Casino review ranking

Like any up-to-date comparative guide, OCT’s reviews of Canada’s top casinos provide added value to any gambler looking for trusted platforms. And the guide is most effective with the free bonus offers. This concept enhanced by Online Casino Today’s testers is exactly what online gamblers love most. In doing so, OCT has caught the attention of slot and table game fans in Canada.

News and current offers at OCT

Like a magazine specialized in the latest technology, OCT is a cutting-edge news site. The guide offers some of the best edited and most relevant news in the industry. Any gambler looking for news on the world of virtual casinos is always well-informed. There’s even juicy information on virtual reality games. And as for free offers with real money, you can find some crazy deals. These exclusive bonus offers make all the difference – they are only available to Online Casino Today visitors.

Verified and tested games

With OCT, not only the casinos are tested, but also the games (slot machines and table games). These tests and checks are the most relevant criteria used to determine whether an online casino deserves to be recommended. Of course, OCT only displays the best online casinos. Every gambler can find casino sites with authentic and lucrative games.
Casino games that pay real money in CA$
And as for slot machines that pay the best, Online Casino Today knows how to command respect. Of course, the same is true with table games such as roulette and blackjack.
In terms of legitimacy, everything on OCT follows the same principles as on Legal Online Casino Site – everything complies with Canadian law.

Mostly visited by gamblers, the OCT guide is also a reference for casino site operators. Now, that’s smart thinking! This doubleheader formula is great.
Online gamblers come first at OCT as we see online casinos that go out of their way to satisfy them. As far as operators are concerned, it’s the same – they have their own section with a list of the most prolific affiliate programs. In addition, there are pages dedicated to everything that concerns the rights and obligations of virtual casinos. Thus, OCT has a dual purpose. On the one hand, consumers have access to serious online casinos. And on the other hand, operators are informed about the situation of casinos on the Internet.

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