In Canada, how old do you have to be to enter a casino? The answer depends on which province you live in. In general, 19 is the legal age in Canada. Except in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, where the age limit is 18 or older.
Each province sets these legal limits, and they apply to all forms of gambling. Lotteries, betting, poker, bingo, slots, table games and other gambling games are only allowed to those who have reached the age of majority in Canada. Both Canadian land-based casinos and legit online casinos comply with legal age laws.

Canadian law on casinos

The Law is clear and strict across Canada when it comes to casinos. It’s just like stores that sell scratch tickets and lottery tickets. In all 10 provinces of Canada, vendors must ask their customers for identification if they’re not sure about their age. Gambling is prohibited for minors in Canada, and the Law is there to protect children and youth from temptation. At casinos, access to gaming rooms is forbidden to minors, even if they are not playing or if they are accompanied by an adult.

List by province on the legal age limit in Canada

Alphabetical list by province of the minimum age required to enter a casino (either online or offline).

minimum 18 years oldminimum 19 years old
British Columbia19
New Brunswick19
Newfoundland and Labrador19
Nova Scotia19
Prince Edward Island19

The legal age that one must have to be considered an adult under Canadian law. Note that the legal age for gambling is the same for drinking in every Canadian province.

Do casino platforms check the age of players?

The answer is yes, but not during the registration process if you choose a registered casino in Kahnawake or outside of Canada. They check your age when you submit your documents (scanned copies of passport and a recent document with the player’s address). As for state gambling platforms, you must submit the documents before wagering real money.

Access to Canada’s land-based casinos

Casino security personnel are in charge of checking the age of those who enter the various gaming areas. It’s safe to access the gaming rooms in Canadian casinos. Minors are not allowed to gamble in these premises, even if they are accompanied by an adult. The law is strictly enforced in Canada and the age limit is taken seriously. The only exception for a minor to be in a casino is if he or she only goes to areas where there is no gambling, such as a hotel adjacent to the casino, a restaurant or an auditorium.