Welcome to Online Casino Site, the guide to Canada’s legal online casinos. Here on this site you will find safe and authorized online casinos in Canada. On the pages of this website, we provide you with useful tips to help you safely play online. With our guide, you can access a list of the most reliable and regulated online casinos on the Canadian web.
Casino guide in Canada
These casinos are certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec. Created in 1994, this commission ensures fairness. The Commission aims to ensure that Canadians can enjoy legal and honest gaming. Canadian certification is not mandatory for online casinos that accept Canadians. But, it’s nevertheless a sign of confidence among Canadian players. All in all, these gambling sites are among the best and most honest online casinos in Canada. All in all, these gambling sites are among the best and most honest online casinos in Canada.

Are online casinos legal in Canada?

What’s legal for users: Online gambling is allowed without any restrictions in Canada. There are no legal limits, and users remain free to make their own choices. However, it’s better to play on honest online casino sites.

What is the best online casino in Canada?

Our team has tested all the reliable online casinos. Preferring one casino site over another might be a matter of taste (casino name, graphic line, general impression), but in reality, you need to pay attention to the casino’s reliability from every angle. In general, the most relevant criteria concern the games’ profitability. Indeed, any reliable virtual casino should offer profitable games. In addition, they should have good and dependable customer support that guarantees that you receive your winnings. After all, choosing Canada’s highest paying online casinos is the right thing to do.


Reliable online casinos

In this area, our experts recommend Golden Tiger. However, another online casino also deserves to be in the spotlight. That casino is Casino Action. An all-time favourite among slot machine players, this is the slots site that pays out the most money in progressive games. Online since 2000, Casino Action is one of the few legendary casinos in Canada. In the end, Golden Tiger Casino is the one that satisfies our guide’s team the most, followed closely by Casino Action and Grand Mondial.

What isn’t legal in Canada?

Operating and managing an online casino in Canada that provides services to Canadian residents. There are exceptions in the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario. These 3 provinces have allowed the opening of online gambling platforms. Indeed, the politicians in these provinces want to offer an alternative to online casinos that are registered in Kahnawake or abroad. It’s also a way to compete with rival casino sites in those provinces.

Legal status of online casinos in Canada

The Canadian Government has a liberal approach towards online gambling. However, this status may vary from region to region. Below is a list of statutes for each province. Canada’s provinces and territories are sovereign entities. Canada has 10 provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador.
In addition to the 10 provinces, there are also 3 federal states: the Northwest, Nunavut and Yukon territories. The provinces are federal states with legislative and sovereign powers that are separate from the federal state. The territories, on the other hand, belong to the government.


Casinos, horse racing betting and lotteries are locally allowed throughout Alberta. On the Internet, every user can choose whatever online casino they want. However, it is always a good idea to choose a trusted online casino that is certified in Canada.

British Columbia

Provincial authorities do not prohibit online gambling. As such, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) games are legal. This legality means that the BCLC can promote its services publicly (press, television media, etc.). If a player prefers to play at an online casino that is not registered in the province, they can do so without any restrictions.


In this province, the legal framework does not provide any restrictions on online casinos in Canada. And locally, Manitoba has over 10 land-based casinos. These casinos all offer gambling options based primarily on slot machines.

New Brunswick

The choice is yours in New Brunswick. The province makes no exception: real money sites are all accessible throughout the province. Casino sites such as those listed on BOC, a guide to Canadian Online Casinos, are trustworthy. This guide obeys serious criteria regarding fairness and safety.


Although there are no land-based casinos in Newfoundland, Newfoundlanders are allowed to use international online casinos. Gambling in this province is not part of the local culture, but casino fans can still play online if they wish.


Like in Newfoundland, casinos are not available locally in Labrador. The only casinos available in the province are the ones available on the web. The offer is reliable as long as you choose a serious online casino. If you really want to grasp what we mean by a serious casino site, you should read our page on honest casinos.

Nova Scotia

With two land casinos in the province (Casino Nova Scotia and Casino Nova Scotia Sydney), Nova Scotians have access to premium gaming venues. These casinos in Nova Scotia do not offer online gambling. As a result, those who prefer to play online can choose to register at an online casino.

Prince Edward Island

There are two horse racing and casino complexes in the province. Residents in the province can gamble, but the offer is limited. Casino fans in this region should turn to online casinos if they want to enjoy games that are comparable to world-renowned casinos.


In this province, the state organizes the online lottery. Surprisingly, there are no casinos in Toronto and Ottawa, since the province only allows them in tourist areas. Ontario residents can also take advantage of a local offer via the PLAY OLG platform. Therefore, Ontarians can choose between either playing on the government (OLG) or private casino sites.


Like in Ontario and British Columbia, online gaming is state-run in Quebec. Quebec holds a monopoly within its territory, except on the Internet. That’s why Kahnawake’s online casinos are allowed there. For Quebecers, Loto-Québec’s casinos also offer the option of playing online via quebec casinos.


Two agencies are in charge of overseeing gambling in the province. The first one is the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation and the second one is the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. However, casinos registered in Saskatchewan are not allowed to operate with Canadians in other provinces. In practice, residents of the province who want to play online can do so at Kahnawake’s casinos.


Casino sites registered in this province are prohibited. The only exceptions are government programs and resources. However, since federal laws take precedence, Yukon Territory residents can play either at Kahnawake online casinos or those hosted outside of Canada.

Overview of the Legality of Online Casinos in Canada

Although some casino sites are illegal in Canada, most online casinos are tolerated. The only thing that is formally prohibited is to allow the promotion of online casinos in provinces that prohibit virtual casinos. In fact, any online player in Canada who has reached adulthood can play online. In summary, online casinos linked to the Kahnawake Commission are the most legitimate in Canada. Just the same, online casinos from other reputable commissions are trustworthy for Canadians. These commissions are in Europe and England.
In Canada, or elsewhere, there are casino platforms that are both legal and reliable. The best way to find these platforms is to consult guides that are specialized in auditing virtual casinos. In our honest online casinos section, you can discover the best guides in the online casino industry. If you are planning to play online, these guides are worth a visit.