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If you play slots, you’ve probably already seen the Mega Moolah. This slot is the most played progressive game in Canada. To date, it has paid out the biggest jackpot on the Internet. Exclusive to the Web, you can’t find it in brick and mortar casinos.
This game is so popular that it beats Las Vegas slots machines hands down. With record wins every year, the luckiest slot players have already won millions. The Mega Moolah’s million-dollar starting jackpot is the reason why this game pays out record amounts.

A worldwide slot

Present on online casinos who are partners of Microgaming, the game’s creator, this slot machine is one of Canadians’ favourites. Its legitimacy and compliance with Canada’s Gambling Laws make it a popular game. In addition to Canada, it’s also certified in the UK and Europe. Worldwide, millions of players try their luck on this wheel of fortune every year, making it a record-breaking game. No other slot machine is as successful on the Internet.

Mega Moolah’s jackpot starts at 1 million

The craze for this slot machine comes from its progressive jackpot which starts at one million every time someone hits the mega jackpot. That’s the game’s starting jackpot. And that’s why players become millionaires with the Mega Moolah.
So many Gamblers try their luck that the pot exceeds five million several times a year. When the audience is at its zenith, the slot’s mega jackpot exceeds ten million CAD$.

Recent record wins

The table below shows the record wins in recent months.

September 19, 2020NZ$3,075,080
September 6, 2020C$4,026,837
August 17, 2020€14,239,532
May 27, 2020C$4,480,847
May 24, 2020C$9,959,553
May 8, 2020NZ$13,615,861
April 5, 2020C$16,496,347

Mega Moolah winners come from Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. Since January 1, 2020, there have been four big winners in Canada. That proves that Canadians love this progressive slot.

Mega Moolah jackpot winners list

Mega Moolah – An emblematic slot machine

This progressive slot machine is not the only one on the Web. There are nearly 20 of them in all. Compared to other progressive slots, the Mega Moolah is the most played. Rewarded many times by casino game testers, this unique game often makes headlines.

What are the best Mega Moolah offers?


Mega Moolah’s creator, Microgaming, makes the slot machine available to its affiliated online casinos. These affiliated casinos are reliable, but if you look closely, some of them are better than others. In our opinion, Grand Mondial Casino is the most profitable casino site. Certified in Quebec, it’s unanimously acclaimed in Canadian casino guides.
Other sites are also in the spotlight. These are Yukon Gold and Casino Classic. As reliable as Grand Mondial, both of these websites have exclusive free spin offers to try the Mega Moolah.

All-time records of giant wins

Broadly speaking, the Mega Moolah record wins occur most often on Grand Mondial, Luxury Casino and Zodiac Casino. These casinos have already paid out jackpots of over a million. They also feature top paying video slots thanks to high return rates.
Clearly, there’s no better place to gamble than an online casino in Toronto.

Promotions and free spins

If you’re a slots fan and have never tried this game before, then go for it. There are some amazing exclusive promotions in Canada. On the Mega Moolah guide, you can find free spin deals. These deals are good starting from a C$1 deposit and give you a chance to win a million. You can even get free spins with no deposit via the Mega Moolah One guide.

A popular slot machine

The Mega Moolah is a huge success. Since its launch in 2006, it has attracted more and more gamblers. Indeed, its big jackpots have caused a huge buzz on casino guides. Even casino bloggers are talking about it. On the biggest casino gambling sites, you can see a lot of articles about the Mega Moolah. This popularity has never waned since its launch in 2006.

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Mega Moolah – The Progressive Slot

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