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You’ve probably already visited online casino guides. These websites, which are usually run by casino fans and players, are all over the Internet. According to us, there are about 100 of them in Canada. Are they all reliable? To answer that question, we conducted an investigation. Just like with real money casinos, it’s a good idea to assess casino guides.

Focus on your country

Each country has its own limits and laws regarding remote gambling. It is therefore crucial to focus your research on your own country. Indeed, the remote casinos that you might see on Canadian casino guides are not necessarily the same as the US or European guides. In the USA and Europe, gambling is highly controlled and regulated. In Canada, too, but to a lesser extent because the federal government has a liberal approach to individual gambling.


The Canadian government is tolerant with online casino operators. The same is true in other parts of the world. This is particularly the case in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Austria and New Zealand

Other countries such as Austria and New Zealand tolerate remote gambling. The models of these two countries are interesting because players are free to gamble online. However, there are limits on the amount of money wagered. According to the Online Casino NZ guide, this approach has a double advantage. The first advantage is that New Zealanders can play on any casino site they want. With regards to deposit limits, the second advantage helps to preserve the players’ financial interests. Indeed, you can’t play above certain budgets in New Zealand. NZ casino site operators must request proof from online players who tend to bet large sums of money.

The New Zealand model is liberal

Canadian guides

We did our homework on the 10 provinces of Canada. In all, we’ve listed about 100 casino guides. That’s a huge number! In fact, remote casinos have been in vogue since the 2000s. Clearly, online gaming is increasingly eclipsing local gaming rooms. Reality being what it is, casino fans are also turning to the Internet to play award-winning games. In Canada’s largest cities, such as here in Toronto, casino players prefer to bet online rather than in casino resorts.

Good and bad guides

Among the casino guides in Canada, there are some very serious ones. Following good practise principles, these reliable guides focus on the most honest and profitable gaming offers. Just like our legal guide in Canada, some websites put the players first.

However, there are other guides that you need to avoid. Unfortunately, some guides recommend gaming platforms that are real scams. In our trustworthy sites chapter, we’ll tell you how to spot the right guides. That way, you will always be sure to sign up with ethical casino sites. By finding the right guides, you will always get a fair deal. To tell the truth, these guides only feature gambling sites that comply with the strictest criteria in terms of transparency toward players.

Finding a serious guide

When searching for casino sites, you’ve probably already visited all kinds of addresses. As with the many online casino platforms that accept Canadians, there are guides that stand out. They are like shopping guides for consumers looking for premium quality items. Indeed, as a customer, you want to find the best item(s). It’s not just the price that matters. You must also consider the customer service and after-sales service. The same goes for warranties. With guides and online casino sites, you must demand the same high quality.

Shop around

Only visiting the first guide you find on a search engine is a huge mistake. Indeed, how can you be sure that the guide references honest online casinos? In order to do things right, we recommend visiting at least five casino guides so that you can judge for yourself. To not get lost while visiting comparison guides, you should take notes on the recommended online casinos. It’s good to consider serious criteria such as those listed below:

  1. The online casino guides must be recognized in your country,
  2. They should only recommend sites that are certified by a gaming commission,
  3. A program to fight gambling addiction must be visible on the pages of the guide.

Choice casinos on a comparison guide

If you have visited enough casino guides, you will have a comprehensive overview of the offers available on the Internet. By the way, don’t forget to read the casino site reviews and player comments! If you have taken notes on the casinos that are trusted by serious testers, you will certainly know which online casino to go to first. Typically, Grand Mondial, which is known for the Mega Moolah slot, is the kind of online casino that you want to bookmark. This iconic site in Canada should always be listed on Canadian comparative guides. In fact, Grand Mondial complies with Canadian laws while meeting the most serious criteria in terms of honesty and reliability.

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