Record jackpots in 2021

In April 2021, things got hot on the net. Two insane record jackpots were won at online casinos. On April 14, an English player won £15,182,284.27, and on April 27, a Belgian player won €19,430,723.60.

What do these two pots have in common? Slot machines from the Microgaming group! What’s Microgaming? It’s the creator of the most lucrative casino games on the Internet.

April 14: 15 Million WowPot Jackpot

England’s luckiest player has smashed the previous UK jackpot winning record (which was £13,213,838.68).

An £0.80 bet on the Book of Atem WowPot slot machine activated the game’s bonus wheel. The future winner then clicked on the SPIN button and won £15,182,284. This slot machine fan achieved this feat at the online casino, a well-known gambling platform in England.

Book of Atem WowPot jackpot

April 27: 19 million Mega Moolah jackpot

The news of the jackpot won on Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah has spread around the world! The pot won by the Belgian player is now the world record! The previous record is from September 28, 2018 (€18,915,872.81) and took place at Grand Mondial.

The Belgian player, a member of the Napoleon Games website, hit a record jackpot on a €15 bet. He bet big and it paid off! In Belgium, the news went viral in the local press. Let’s face it, winning a world record jackpot is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. In Belgium, all the gambling bloggers are talking about it.

However, there is one bad thing about Napoleon Games! Only Belgians can play. The Belgian Gaming Commission does not allow foreigners to register.

Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah

Who are the jackpot winners?

Neither were willing to give their names.

But that's normal, don’t you think?

Who would want to reveal their name in this kind of situation?

Very few gamblers who have won big want to tell everyone about it. To date, the only big winner who has revealed himself is the former 2015 record-holder. This crazy gambler, Jon Heywood, even had his win entered into the Guinness World Records.

Mega Moolah and WowPot

Last month's two amazing jackpots came from progressive slot machines.

What's special about these machines? You can find them in a variety of different online casinos. As a result, many players from all over the world try their luck on them. The April 14 jackpot came from one of the "WowPot" games. As for the world record, it was achieved on the game Absolootly Mad. Absolootly Mad is a new version of the well known Mega Moolah slot machine.

Record Jackpots in Canada

What about Canada?

Have Canadians won any major jackpots at online casinos?

Yes, many players from Canada have struck it rich. Historically, Zodiac Casino is the home of the Canadian record. This online casino is well known on sites in Canada.

Below are the ten most recent records in Canada, as well as those at Zodiac Casino. These jackpots were won on the Mega Moolah slot machine.

#1.C$20,059,287January 2019

The biggest jackpot ever won at an online casino in Canada! This incredible jackpot was won at Zodiac Casino.

Zodiac Casino has awarded massive jackpots:
January 2019C$20,059,287
January 2018C$3,688,145
March 2017C$9,572,948
August 2016C$11,610,536

The biggest recent Mega Moolah records in Canada


#1.C$16,496,347 May 2020
#2.C$9,959,553May 2020
#3.C$4,026,837September 2020
#4.C$4,480,847May 2020
#5.C$4,443,185September 2020
#6.C$4,746,748September 2019
#7.C$5,954,437August 2019
#8.C$8,162,217August 2019
#9.C$3,308,063March 2019
#10.C$20,059,287January 2019

Tax free or not?

Are online jackpots tax-free or not? It depends on the country. The two winners mentioned above can have peace of mind. They won't pay any taxes at all. In England and Belgium, gambling winnings are tax-free.

In Canada, like in most other countries, winnings are tax-free when they come from gambling.

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2 Giant Jackpots Won in April 2021

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