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Are you looking for casino sites in Ontario? The province of Ontario now only allows legitimate online casinos. Ontario authorities have introduced new regulations for all types of online gambling. The new laws on the management of online casinos were validated on April 4, 2022.

Ontario: slot machines and table games

Online betting sites have been the most heavily impacted by the new rules implemented by the Ontario Gaming Commission, AGCO. Prior to April 4, 2022, Ontarians could register on the bookmaker sites of their choice. There were no restrictions. Ontario residents could even register with offshore online betting sites. To date, only a limited number of sports betting platforms are licensed in the province of Ontario.

In the field of slot machines, and table games, there was also a significant impact. However, compared to online betting, the range of casino sites is vast. According to the research conducted by our team from the Guide to casinos in Canada, about 20 online casinos are certified in Ontario.

Competition and comparison in Ontario

Despite strict requirements on responsible gambling, Ontario authorities have adopted a liberal approach to web-based casino platforms. As a result, many slot and table game site operators have entered the Ontario market. In terms of offers, Ontarians have a wide range of quality gaming options.

Not surprisingly, international remote gambling companies have entered the official Ontario online casino market. Web giants LeoVegas and 888 were the first companies to be licensed in Ontario. More recently, other groups have also entered the province. Among these groups, online casinos that are already well known in Canada have made it to the top of the charts in Ontario’s gambling guides.

Top Online Casinos in Ontario

Out of all the legitimate casino sites in Ontario, some web casinos have been gaining in popularity in recent weeks. These casinos, which are popular for their slot machines and live table games, are Jackpot City and Grand Mondial. Prominently featured in Ontario web guides, these online casinos will surely become iconic sites all over the province. Since the bilingual province of Ontario has regulated gaming activities, many French-speaking start-ups have ventured into the field. For example, here on Ontario Casinos Reviews, a guide to the province, freelancers have chosen to develop their activities in the fields of slots, blackjack, and roulette.

Ontario Jackpot City Casino

Responsible gambling and an open market

Ontario’s online gambling regulation is a unique model in Canadian history. Of all the provinces in the country, the Ontario government has succeeded in taking control of online gambling in an amazing way. On the one hand, users are protected with efficient tools to fight gambling addiction, and on the other hand, the authorities have succeeded in boosting a tax-generating sector. In short, online gaming in Ontario is now treated the same as any local company.

Of course, in Ontario, the legal age to register at online casinos is the same as for land-based casinos (you have to be at least 19 years of age). However, gambling addiction agencies recommend that the age limit be raised to 21.

Ontario Bonus Specials

While legitimate casino sites in Ontario are allowed to offer bonuses, these promotions are prohibited in casino guides. Therefore, the offers featured in our guide are not valid for Ontarians. If you run a casino guide in the province of Ontario, and are promoting bonuses, you should remove them immediately. The law punishes the publication of bonus offers.

The Editors’ Opinion

Our guide’s team is very pleased with the regulations that have been implemented in Ontario. For players, the safeguards provided to keep the games fun are an added value. In other words, the safeguards that have been put in place to keep gambling from becoming an issue (addiction and risk of losing money) are an advantage. Gambling, and more specifically slot machines, are games that can cause players to lose a lot of money if they are unable to set limits. As of February 4, 2022, online casino gamblers in Ontario will be able to receive effective help for those most prone to irresponsible gambling.

To date, Ontario has been a role model in the virtual casino niche. This will surely be of interest to other provincial governments across the country. Indeed, except for Quebec which regulated the Gambling Web in 2011, and more recently Ontario, no other Canadian province has done anything about the Internet gaming sector.

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Regulation of Online Casinos in Ontario

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