Luck on Friday the 13th with lottery and slot machines

Friday the 13th! A good day to play the lottery and casino slots. Lots of players try their luck on this special day. As a result, lottery and slot machine jackpots have incredible amounts of money that you can win.

In gambling, between everyone’s beliefs and fears, Friday the 13th is often seen as the perfect occasion to gamble and win a fortune.

The thrill of the thirteenth also takes place at online casinos in Canada. The same is true in local casinos all over the country.

Bet on the number 13 at the casino
Every Friday the 13th, gamblers play online slot machines on casino sites en masse. At the table games, the thirteen squares of online roulette games are the most popular bets among superstitious gamblers.

Friday the 13th Dates

Friday the 13th is on the calendar at least once a year. The table below shows the dates of Friday the 13th from 2023 to 2032.

YearN. of 13Dates

20232XJanuary the 13th
October the 13th

20242XSeptember the 13th
December the 13th

20251XJune the 13th

20263XFebruary the 13th
March the 13th
November the 13th

20271XAugust the 13th

20281XOctober the 13th

20292XApril the 13th
July the 13th

20302XSeptember the 13th
December the 13th

20311XJune the 13th

20322XFebruary the 13th
August the 13th

Casinos and Friday the 13th

Online casino sites have peak audiences every Friday the 13th. These casinos draw superstitious gamblers looking for big jackpots to win on slot machines. This is particularly the case with Zodiac Casino, an astrologically themed online casino. Every Friday the 13th, there is intense activity on Zodiac Casino. Some casino customers hit insane jackpots on this very special day.


Jackpots won at Zodiac Casino

If you look at the Zodiac Casino winners page, you can see that players win jackpots on the casino slots all the time. Unsurprisingly, the casino pays out the largest number of jackpots to its customers every Friday the 13th.

Recently, the following jackpots have been won at Zodiac Casino.

Slot machinesJackpots
Big Mighty BearCA$150,000
9 Masks of FireCA$75,000
Rome Fight For GoldCA$80,752
Tunzamunni 3-ReelCA$60,711
Robin Hood’s HeroesCA$50,000

The biggest jackpot wins at Zodiac are on the Mega Moolah slot series. These games with a pot seed that starts at $2 million appeal to players looking to win a fortune. Zodiac Casino’s luckiest customers have hit some amazing jackpots on the Mega Moolah.

Record Mega Moolah Jackpots won at Zodiac:

  • CA$20,059,287
  • CA$11,610,536
  • CA$9,572,948

Friday the 13th Mysteries

Pope Gregory, the 13th pope in Rome, decided to impose the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Every year, this calendar has one to three Fridays marked with the thirteenth.

People’s fears about Friday the 13th have their roots in the New Testament. According to the Bible, Judas, the 13th guest at Christ’s last supper, betrayed Jesus. Christ was later crucified on a Friday.

Slot machines and Friday the 13th

In gambling, Friday the 13th is associated with luck. To make their slot machines attractive, casino operators in Canada offer special prizes that you can win on this very special day.

Try your luck on Friday the 13th

Is Friday the 13th a lucky day? Scientists would say that it has no effect. On the other hand, when it comes to emotions, the most superstitious players feel that Friday the 13th is a day not to be missed.

Lucky numbers to play

Some players have their favourite numbers! Often, the most popular numbers in the lottery, as well as in casino roulette, are 7, 8, 17, 21, 27 and 33.

7 is the most popular number! This is why the number 7 is featured on slot machines. As for the number 8, it is sometimes associated with infinity.
What about the Zero on the casino roulette wheels? People don’t play it very often! Besides, [0] is not a number. Also, since Zero represents nothing, players associate it with negativity, so they prefer to avoid it.

Cultures and superstition around the number 13

Friday the 13th is a lucky symbol in many countries. In Western countries, thirteen is a lucky number for risk-takers.

Since western society is modern, superstitions are often taken lightly. Thus, old superstitions are abandoned and enjoyment and fun take over.

The number 13 in Canada

The number 13 has always been special in the history of superstition. Some perceive it as lucky, others as a cursed number.

In Canada, the number 13 is feared and considered to bring bad luck. Tall buildings in Canada do not have a 13th floor. Superstition even goes so far as to skip the thirteenth row of seats on planes. Despite this, in gambling, Friday the 13th is still a day when many players defy the odds.

Friday the 13th at the Casino – Win the Jackpot

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