Gambling has always attracted people… it’s part of human nature. It’s the same thing on the Internet. Of course, online casinos are quite recent, and they are successful since more and more people prefer to play online rather than go to a local casino. These digital casinos are one of the sectors that have a trendy effect on consumers. And like everything else related to new technologies, they’re appealing. By the way, on the Online Casino in Canada official guide, you discover that the world’s first online casinos have been around since 1994. And nowadays, online casinos control over 60% of casino business volumes, leaving only 40% to land-based casinos. So far, everything seems normal. However, there’s a but! Unfortunately, there are back-alley casino platforms. These platforms are like ghost sites. Their aims? Attract users to wager real money, but without any guarantees! In other words, the games are not verifiable on this kind of virtual casino. As a result, real money bets are lost on these sites. Read on to find out how these ghost casinos work! This way, if you want to play at an online casino, you can avoid getting ripped off by casinos that are real scams.

Internet gambling – It’s like the Wild West, and laws are often disobeyed

In some countries, virtual casinos are prohibited. These countries do not allow their citizens to bet money online. This is the case in France and Australia, among others. In order to protect their residents from addiction, the authorities in some countries prefer to ban online casinos. But then why do some virtual casinos accept players from countries where online casinos are banned? The answer lies far, far away… In distant countries that are beyond the reach of international laws, groups host casino game web servers.

Ghost casino sites in Canada

These casino platforms look serious, but they are just ghost sites where the games are rigged. So, what should you do? We answer that question in the chapter “Curaçao – A destination you should avoid at all costs”.

Certified online casino operators and ghost sites

Worldwide, International Trade Laws are governed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This vast organisation is represented by its member countries and acts impartially in the common interest of each country. In practice, when there are conflicts of interest between different countries, WTO lawyers act so that each party can reach a fair agreement. As for remote casinos, when a nation hosts illegal virtual casinos and it’s not a WTO member, you can be sure that the gaming environment is crooked. It’s obvious why some groups settle in regions that do not comply with international law.


Curaçao – A destination you should avoid at all costs

And what do non-WTO countries have to do with it? There are 29 countries that are not members of the WTO. Of course, these countries are isolated from the international scene. Among them, there is one country that stands out, Curaçao. This country is known for hosting “pirate casino platforms”. This tiny Caribbean country, located off the coast of Venezuela, is in fact a hub that allows casino operators to do business with impunity.

Curaçao - A pirate casino site

Our research on must-avoid casinos clearly points out… Curaçao. In casino guides that target countries that ban online casinos, you can see that only sites from Curaçao are listed there. And they encourage users to register. Be very careful! After consulting consumer reviews on the subject, every player who has played on Curaçaon sites got ripped off. As if by chance, no one ever wins at these ghost casinos! Moreover, these cheated players have no legal means of defence, since Curaçao does not meet international standards. So, what should you do? The solution is to refrain from gambling online in countries that do not allow online casinos. This is the only solution. And if you live in a region that allows online gambling, also remember not to register on a Curaçaon casino site. This kind of information is easy to find. Just do some research on the online casino you’re interested in. By visiting the [Contact], [About] and [Terms of Use] pages, you can find out who runs a virtual casino. If the information is not clear, then that means you should avoid the casino.

Online Casino – Beware of Ghost Sites!

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