Most Played Numbers in Casino Roulette

In casino roulette, some numbers are played much more than others. Whether you go to a casino near you, or play online, there are three numbers on the 36-number roulette wheel that are very popular. These numbers are 7, 17 and 18.

The importance of casino roulette numbers

Casino roulette is a game of luck! In each round of the 36-number wheel, there are no numbers that appear more often than others. The same is true for the zeros of the various roulette versions. Whether you bet on the zeros or one of the 36 numbers, you never know what the odds are going to be.

The numbers 7, 17 and 18

The number 7

The number 7 is considered a lucky number! In the live gaming rooms in Canada’s online casinos, the number 7 pocket on the wheels is the most common bet. Since the number 7 is associated with the seven colors of the rainbow, the 7 wonders of the world and the 7 days of the week, it is a symbol of positivity.

The number 17

17 is the second most played number in casino roulette. Sometimes played straight up, players often bet on the number 17 within groups of numbers like the line of numbers 16, 17 and 18. A bet on three numbers at the same time, with a chance of winning 12 times the bet, is definitely worth a go.

The number 18

The number 18 on the roulette wheel symbolizes balance. Bear in mind that the number 8 in 18 is a powerful symbol that stands for infinity. Played straight up as well as on the two lines of the numbers 16 to 21, 18 is the third most-played number in casino roulette.

Other popular roulette numbers

The numbers 3 and 33

Players often bet the numbers 3 and 33 on casino roulette carpets. Since the number 3 symbolizes the trinity, players associate it with personal balance and success. As for the number 33, it is chosen by high rollers who associate the number 33 with a double 3.

The number 23 also has its fans. But the number 13, a symbol of bad luck, is rarely played. However, on the 13th of every month, the roulette pocket number 13 is quite successful.

The number 8

The number 8 is a favorite among high rollers. Since the number eight symbolizes infinity, it is seen as a number for winning huge jackpots. In the online game Roulette Mega Moolah, a casino wheel that offers the chance to win millions, 8 is the most-played number. This new kind of roulette is one of the games of the Mega Moolah network. Available in Canada, this jackpot roulette is a hit among table game enthusiasts.

Roulette’s least played numbers

Zero receives the least bets! Associated with the void or nothing, the zero pocket gets no play on European and French wheels. The two zeros on the American roulette wheel also get the cold shoulder. The same goes for all the other roulette versions.

Bets on winning and losing numbers

It’s impossible to predict the number that will come up in a game of roulette. It’s like playing the lottery, only luck decides the winning numbers. To win, all you need is lady luck on your side. Of course, if you bet on several roulette numbers with each spin of the wheel, your odds of winning increase.

Win at roulette with winning strategies

Many bloggers speak highly of winning roulette strategies. Quite frankly, no betting technique or strategy can guarantee a win at roulette. After all, gambling houses will always have the upper hand over gamblers.

Thanks to the game rules which favour casino operators, their margins are around 3% on all bets. Of course, there are winners in casino roulette. As a rule of thumb, with each spin of the wheel, the winning numbers are the result of luck.

If, by chance, you manage to win a nice sum of money in casino roulette, take your winnings and leave the gaming room! That’s the best thing you can do to come out a winner at a gambling house.

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Most Played Numbers in Casino Roulette

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